Most people don’t understand the difference between User Experience (UX) and Visual design; however, it’s pretty simple. The best way I’ve found to explain it is to ask, “You know how sometimes when you use a new device or website and it’s a pain? You try to do something that seems simple, but it turns into a 30-minute task? Those devices, sites, or apps didn’t have someone like me.”

My job is to clarify products, make them easy to use, and delight-filled. I focus on simplifying your customer’s experience, so you have happy users eager to return. A friend of mine taught me this rule that I have added to my toolbox: competition is anything else the user would rather be doing. My goal: make that “anything else” be the project I’m working on.

To me, illustration, visual design, UX design, writing, everything has everything to do with a story. As a storyteller, I love a simple story’s raw power and essentialness. When a simple tale is understood—when you know your story, your product’s story, or how your company’s story matters—you can capture the delight that all users seek, even if it is simply the delight of getting something done quickly.

Jay Myers